IDRIVERPLUS is dedicated to the development of universal autonomous driving brain. Based on advanced deep learning and data-driven algorithms,
IDRIVERPLUS has realized one brain empower multi-scenario application and provided a full-stack solution.
Application Cases
IDRIVERPLUS's autonomous driving brain has successfully empowered many scenes such as intelligent transportation, intelligent life and special fields.
Intelligent Transportation
IDRIVERBRAIN, IDRIVERPLUS's autonomous driving brain, has successfully empowered many L4 level autonomous driving vehicles such as robotaxi, robobus and unmanned shuttle bus, which have been applied in Beijing, Suzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu and other places.
Intelligent Life
Vehicles of sanitation, logistics and other scenes equipped with IDRIVERBRAIN have achieved commercial landing and become the main force of cleaning and logistics in parks, shopping malls, hospitals, railway stations, airports and other scenes.
Special Application
IDRIVERBRAIN has been innovatively applied to special fields. It has successfully built a variety of vehicles such as unmanned security vehicles, unmanned patrol vehicles and unmanned supplies transport vehicles, and has realized large-scale commercial landing in high-speed patrol and other scenes.